Shoe & Leather Care Products

LINCOLN SHOE POLISH COMPANY manufactures a Professional's complete line of superior quality products for leather and shoe care. LINCOLN has been making quality shoe and leather care products since 1925 -- products that are made using only the finest raw materials from all parts of the world. For the name of the nearest LINCOLN distributor, or where to purchase any of the products listed on this site, please contact us by e-mail, telephone (408-732-5120), fax (408-732-0659), or write us at LINCOLN SHOE POLISH CO., 172 Commercial St., Sunnyvale, CA 94086-5201, USA.

Shoe Care Products

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Shoe Polishes 

Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish is packaged in eleven colors, in the handy "snap open" can, 2 1/8 ounces net weight (60 grams), and produces an excellent military "spit shine." Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish is made with imported Carnauba Wax, and a blend of other fine materials to stain, waterproof, nourish and shine all leathers.

Liquid Wax Shoe Stain 

When a shoe is scuffed, Lincoln Liquid Wax Shoe Stain will dye-out the scuff and leave a wax coating to be brushed to a bright shine. It is ideal for children's dress shoes. Lincoln Liquid Wax Shoe Stain is made with Carnauba Wax, and is available in six popular colors.

Shoe Creams

Lincoln Liquid Shoe Cream is produced in neutral, and more than 20 seasonal colors for cleaning and shining fine leathers. Lincoln Liquid Shoe Cream has long been a mainstay of Shoe Shine Stands. It is used to give a hard finish and a lasting "spit shine" appearance. Lincoln Liquid Shoe Cream is ideal for ladies' fine soft shoes.

Leather Dyes

Lincoln Leather Dye is sometimes referred to as "oil dye" or aniline dye" or "penetrating dye," and is used to restore or change the color of leather by penetrating deeply into the leather. When Lincoln Leather Dye is used to restore color, all built-up polish and dirt should be removed with Lincoln Dye Preparer. When dying a shoe to a new color, the old color should first be stripped off by using Lincoln Dry Cleaner and Spot Remover. Lincoln Leather Dyes are available in 23 fashion colors for dyeing shoes and other leather articles. Lincoln Colorless Dye contains the same fine ingredients as Lincoln Leather Dye -- except the color -- and is used as a dye-diluter to make all Lincoln Leather Dye colors into lighter shades, as desired.

Suede Dye and Dressings

Lincoln Suede Dye and Dressing is used for cleaning and restoring suede, and like materials, to their orginal color and appearance. Lincoln Suede Dye and Dressing is available in more than 15 fashion colors. Lincoln #10 Black Suede Dye and Dressing is used to dye any color suede to black.


Lincoln Patent Leather and Pattina Cleaner is an outstanding product for patent leather, imitation patent leather, and vinyl. It will clean and shine as well as remove unwanted heel marks from shoes.

Lincoln Dry Cleaner and Spot Remover is ideal for cleaning spots from clothing without leaving telltale rings on garments and fabrics. For leather, this product is used to "strip off" old colors before dyeing leather to a new color using Lincoln Leather Dye. This product is non-flammable and non-explosive.

Lincoln Dye Preparer should be used to remove dirt and built-up polish from shoes before dyeing with Lincoln Leather Dye. The same procedure should be followed, even when preparing to dye shoes the same as the original color.

Lincoln E-Z Cleaner is the Original E-Z Cleaner. It is ideal as an "all purpose," non-solvent cleaner for suede, leather, fabric, and like materials. Lincoln E-Z Cleaner is strong enough to remove grease marks from suede, and salt stains from leather. Use it like a suede shampoo. Make a foam using a sponge to easily remove dirt from shoes and other leather articles. Attractive packaged in 8.0 oz. plastic bottles in an eye-catching one dozen counter display.

White Polishes

Which Lincoln White Polish should be chosen, depends on the type of leather to be renewed. Lincoln White Buck and Suede Dressing is for all white suede and like materials, to restore their whiteness. Lincoln Klings-On-White should be used on all smooth white leather to shine and restore color. Lincoln Klings-On-White contains Carnauba Wax for a good shine and Lanolin to soften the leather.

Water Repellent

Lincoln Silicone Water Repellent is designed to keep smooth leather shoes and other smooth leather articles dry and waterproof. DO NOT USE ON SUEDE. Lincoln Silicone Water Repellent is a proven repeat seller and is attractively packaged in its own dozen counter display carton.

Neatsfoot Oil

Lincoln 100% Pure Prime Neatsfoot Oil is for those who require the purest oil for the care of leather articles. There is nothing finer than Lincoln 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil, which is carefully selected assure purity and ease of application.

Neatsfoot Oil Compound

This compound of pure prime neatsfoot and other beneficial oils is for softening, preserving and waterproofing shoes, boots and other leather articles.