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Sole and Heel Edge Dressing

Sole and Heel Edge Dressing

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Clean and restore the whole shoe with Lincoln Edge Dressing. Our shoe polishes are the best in the world, but they aren't the whole story when it comes to shoe care. Worn or scuffed soles can ruin the look of even "spit-shined" shoes. To really look your best from top to bottom, you need to care for your shoes from top to bottom. That's where edge dressing comes in. Daub edge dressing on the sides and tops of the soles of your shoes using the wool dauber (included). Our dark formula goes on thick to fill in cracks, scuffs, and chips from sidewalks, curbs, and stairs.

As Lincoln Edge Dressing goes on the edges of your soles, please allow it to dry thoroughly before walking on carpets.

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