Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

My stain wax is cracked, can I still use it?  

The stain wax may crack or crumble during transit due to handling or temperature changes, however it will not affect the efficiency of the product. The surface of the wax can be massaged back to a smooth, solid plane or you can continue to use it as is!

Does the product have an expiration date?

No, the product does not expire. You may find that they product may dry or crack over long periods of time, but it can be slightly warmed and it will restore its appearance and you can continue to polish away!

Can I use Lincoln Shoe Polish for high gloss?

Yes, Lincoln Shoe Polish Stain Wax can be used to achieve a high gloss shine.

How do I know which color is best?

The Lincoln Shoe Polish Color Guide can be used to reference the appropriate color.

Do you have white wax polish? I am looking for polish for my white leather loafers, but I don’t see white offered on your site.

Light colored leathers such as white, cream, and light gray can be treated with Lincoln Stain Wax Polish in Neutral.